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GUNNI&TRENTINO STORAGE SYSTEMS | Our firm has developed advanced storage systems for the kitchen, because every customer has different needs and our desire is to design cabinetry that fully adapts to their lifestyle. Storage habits evolve and GUNNI&TRENTINO wishes to accompany its clients throughout this evolution. Opening drawers, cupboards and cabinets becomes a pleasure. 
















INSIDE BEAUTY | A concept that combines in and out aesthetics to achieve harmony in styles and textures. The qualities of the materials for the drawers are extraordinarily high: different hardwoods available in various shades, stainless steel modules for storing spices, cutlery, boxes, dishes, trays and all the classic elements of the kitchen.

Ultimas teconologías incoporadas al espacio de la cocina.





















KITCHENS 2.0 | The kitchen is an increasingly multifunctional space. Here we watch TV, we catch up with our mail or work with different mobile terminals. The kitchen becomes a place for audiovisual entertainment, the control center for the automation of the house, using “smart” appliances, and ensuring energy saving. GUNNI&TRENTINO’s storage systems have all this in mind, offering an optimized solution to every daily gesture.


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