Barcelona, 2022




Jordi Folch


In this project located on Av. Diagonal, Barcelona, ​​we focused on the kitchen, highlighted for its sophisticated timeless ambiance that emotionally captivates, especially for its warm blue color and meticulously crafted details.

The combination of soft-toned wood in the bar area and the blue stools creates an ideal contrast, turning the space into a cozy environment. The stainless-steel cooking area emerges as a key piece in this design.

Every element is carefully integrated to offer an atmosphere where the kitchen becomes a pleasure both visually and functionally. Warmth infiltrates the space through the lighting integrated into the interior of the display cabinets, creating a notable contrast with the blue tone of the furniture and the wooden floor. Natural light also plays an essential role, strategically defining the aesthetic of the environment.

The steel details within the space are distinctive elements that add a modern and polished touch to the ensemble. This showcase demonstrates that even the smallest elements can play a crucial role in the design of a kitchen, reinforcing the cohesion and overall aesthetic of the space.

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