Edificio Generali


Madrid, 2022


Corporate Office




Daniel Schäfer


The main objective of this comprehensive renovation was to preserve the building’s identity by restoring characteristic architectural elements on the ground floor, while modernizing the upper facades with a contemporary design. Landscaped terraces were included for the enjoyment of the occupants, adding a touch of freshness and nature to the urban environment.

In addition to aesthetics, a strong emphasis was placed on sustainability. Energy efficiency and indoor space quality were improved while ensuring accessibility for all. This approach not only benefits the occupants but also contributes to the revitalization of the surrounding urban environment, promoting a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle for the community.

In summary, the project represents a harmonious fusion of architectural history and modern innovation, with special attention to the comfort and well-being of users. This renovation not only beautifies the building but also significantly enhances the quality of life for its inhabitants and the surrounding environment.

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