Terraza Balear


The natural environment and the surrounding views of this home in Mallorca are stunning and have been the foundation for the design of the outdoor spaces, which play a prominent role in this interior design project. These spaces are intended to be functional and welcoming, ideal for enjoying the landscape. The poolside lounge area invites relaxation and contemplation of the sunset in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.

The morning atmosphere between the sea and the mountains is serene and peaceful, providing a perfect backdrop to start the day. The landscape, with its natural tones, encourages reflection and rest, creating a relaxed and harmonious environment amidst the surrounding nature.

The interiors of the home are designed to connect with the outdoors and make the most of the views and natural light. Organic materials such as wood and natural fabrics like cotton and linen have been chosen to create comfortable and welcoming spaces, without excessive decoration, where one can fully enjoy the surroundings.

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