Terraza Balear (Gunni & Trentino Mallorca)


In Verbier, Switzerland, stands a residence that captures the essence of its surroundings by combining natural materials and neutral tones both indoors and outdoors. This contemporary project focuses on creating a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere, connecting each space of the house through a cohesive interior design that highlights the natural beauty of the alpine region.

The interior of the residence blends dark tones with neutral and earthy colors, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. A careful selection of textures and materials adds depth and comfort, while a soft and warm lighting scheme contributes to creating an emotionally optimal atmosphere for each area of the house. The interiors are simple, fresh, and versatile, with a focus on minimalist silhouettes that bring a contemporary touch.

The outdoor spaces are a natural extension of the interior, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding nature without leaving home. With predominance of wood and neutral colors, the outdoor furniture invites to enjoy the magnificent views while relaxing with soft lighting, thus creating the perfect setting for moments of tranquility and contemplation in the Swiss mountains.

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Barcelona, 2022

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