Designer blinds and traction solutions for indoor and outdoor use

Discover our selection of designer blinds and traction solutions for indoor and outdoor use in our luxury furniture store

Luxury designer blinds and traction solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

Designer blinds are the simplest and most integrated solution for existing construction in our decoration project. We have all types of models to meet the needs of each space, whether interior or exterior, public or private, etc. Additionally, we have the latest technology to ensure that these designer curtains meet the aesthetics and functionality demanded by our clients.

Currently, we can cover both straight and curved surfaces, small or large format, minimalist or more elaborate designs, etc. Both the fabrics and the technology used allow us to eliminate noise when opening and closing the blinds, protect us 100% from sunlight, and even allow us to see the outside.



Enjoy our roller blind that seamlessly integrates into any interior environment. The variety of fabrics available today allow you to choose from decorative fabrics to technical fabrics designed for the most demanding solar control with endless possibilities for light adjustment.

Thanks to its countless finishing options, we can customize all types of blinds according to the type of residence, providing decorative solutions including metallic, porcelain, wood, glass, polyamides, etc., to complement the aesthetics of each room.

Within the range of roller blinds, we can offer systems with a cassette, with a hidden system to avoid installing curtain rods and integrate everything within the false ceiling. We also have blinds with decorative fronts with different materials and fabrics to complement the overall decoration of the house.


If what suits your home is the classic blind of great quality, opt for foldable blinds that will enhance a more traditional style.

The fabrics to choose from are more delicate and specialized to generate transparency, velvet finishes, satin, silk, and fabrics with lighter weights.


Within this range, we find the most versatile curtain adaptable to any inclination, irregularity, and shape of window in the entire market.

Due to its pleated design, they offer minimal space for collection and can configure fabrics that offer total opacity and translucent fabrics that filter light.

It is even possible to combine 2 fabrics to manage the passage of light to your liking, Day and Night. We have CELL fabric type, which ensures 100% opacity and great thermal insulation.


Still the most minimalist line of all blinds, the elegance made into a curtain. Capable of covering high ceilings and irregular surfaces such as curves, slopes, or stairs. Thanks to the vertical and 180º rotating movement of the slats, it is capable of projecting the appropriate atmosphere at all times.

It allows covering glass surfaces up to 6m wide and 6m high. Having evolved its counterweight system in the slats, we can add that it leaves a clean and stylized appearance of fall.

With its adaptive rail, we can customize the blinds to fit any space and unevenness. We offer translucent and blackout technical fabrics.


Solar protection tailored to the space. Therefore, we can integrate them into large windows through overlapping sliding panels telescoped to prevent light from entering.

In addition to adding personality to the space, they can function as a divider between environments and enjoy a versatile room.


If you like traditional Venetian blinds, we offer both interior and exterior options, available in manual or motorized versions. It’s a practical and functional choice that allows for precise control of sunlight indoors.

Available with stainless steel aluminum slats, both solid and perforated, suitable for humid and salty environments, as well as wood for an exclusive finish that enhances the aesthetics and ambiance, making it cozier.

Outdoor Venetian blinds are weather-resistant and feature larger slats between 7 and 9 cm to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds. They are ideal for installation in porches, pergolas, gazebos, and large windows, among other outdoor spaces.


Curtains and blinds that are installed within the window frame regardless of the degree of inclination they have, without the need for visible screws or holes. They come in a roll-up or pleated style, with any finish of technical or delicate fabric.


They are curtains that protect you from insects while ensuring visibility and ventilation at the same time.

We offer conventional pleated mosquito screens for minimal vertical packing, which can reach up to 6m in width and 3m in height with a central opening system of two panels. They can also be made with a single lateral opening of 3m in width and 3m in height, bilateral, with two traction heads to create the door or passage opening as desired.

And if you desire XXL mosquito screens, we have the option of roller blinds up to 7m in width and 5m in height for all those homes with large windows. We also offer XXL mosquito screens with a central opening system and with a hidden system between walls to make it invisible when needed.

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