Designer awnings for gardens and terraces

Verandas combine the best of solar protection systems with an attractive and unique design, creating a unique space capable of meeting the most demanding requirements to provide strength, elegance, and versatility to our structures, whether they are minimalist, avant-garde, or classic in style.

Selection of high-end designer awnings to shade your spaces

Designer awnings are the best solution we offer to meet the solar protection needs for all those existing spaces comprised of fixed and mobile glass or polycarbonate roofs, with the intention of protecting their elements from the sun.

All our luxury awnings boast the most prestigious certifications and awards in design and innovation, making them solar protection solutions transformed into true works of art harmonizing with the architecture of the space.

We have designer awnings for all types of spaces, being able to adapt to very large areas or small spaces, depending on your needs.


It’s a horizontal traction system with a cassette at one end and two lateral guides that execute the traction and tension using small supports generating a double height allowing an air chamber between the roof and the awning. This creates a microclimate that enhances staying inside the room by reducing the temperature, improving internal climatic conditions.

This solution can also be used to close gaps in existing pergolas or structures when only a shaded area is desired but retractable to fully clear the entire space.


In this model, we’re not just talking about offering an extendable arm awning but true functional pieces of art providing solar protection and harmony with the architecture of the space in which it’s installed.

They are shading systems designed to protect facades and the underlying surface from the sun.


We offer large-sized compact awnings capable of reaching up to 7 meters in width and extending up to 4 meters, making them suitable for combining with large windows and providing cleaner, more linear aesthetics in line with current trends.

These awnings can be extended and retracted onto themselves, with their fabric housed within an aluminum cassette to protect it from the elements.

We also provide lighting systems integrated into both the extendable arms and the rear cassette, as well as the front load bar, creating a unique and special ambiance.

These sun protection systems are complemented by technology, featuring intelligent sensors to automate various functions according to our needs, including controlling rain, wind, and temperature, and even simulating our presence at home.

All our awnings are adjustable, with models ranging from -2 degrees to 10 degrees inclination relative to the horizontal, ensuring adaptability to any home and space.


This model without casing allows us, thanks to its innovative design, to add a very special and sophisticated touch to all those homes looking for a more minimalist design without having large aluminum surfaces.

It is also a versatile model in its lighting, technology, home automation, and always with avant-garde and technological fabrics for every need.


Within the range of vertical drop awnings, we offer the highest quality to provide you with a line of High Tech screens, as we have screens with zip and magnetic guide systems.

They come with a cassette where all the rolled-up fabric is hidden and 2 vertical side guides with a rigid PVC core, which is the zip system, allowing for perfect lateral sealing of the fabric to offer greater resistance to the wind.

Our awnings with zip technology improve the thermal and visual comfort of interiors, reduce the energy consumption of the building, and enhance the quality of livable spaces.

It’s worth noting that the technological innovation that characterizes our zip screen compared to conventional ones on the market is the magnetic locking system, which optimizes the vertical tension of the fabric.

We offer different models of screens depending on their placement and use, as they can be integrated and concealed between walls and ceilings, to accompany large windows of minimalist houses or to replace traditional blinds.

The wide variety of fabrics (more than 700 solutions) allows us to adapt to any customer request. For example, we can provide total blackout with blackout systems or enjoy a comprehensive view of the surroundings thanks to more technical micro-perforated fabrics.

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