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Currently, it is the best mobile solar protection system on the market, offering great versatility to adapt to any space. The finishes can be customized to meet customer needs and they come with sensors to automatically find the best orientation.

A highly versatile design solar protection system.

Thanks to their self-supporting structures made of powder-coated aluminum, as well as the quality of the orientation elements, these bioclimatic pergolas allow us to protect ourselves from the sun and wind, withstand rain, and withstand hurricane-force winds, hail, and even snow.

One very interesting point is that we offer exclusive and custom manufacturing using the best European brands in the sector, innovating and creating fully customized products that represent a step forward in the creation of solar protection systems.

Among its qualities and functions, we highlight the presence of artificial intelligence systems to automatically open the slats, an exclusive contemporary design, and its stability as a cutting-edge architectural element, attached or detached from the house.


Enjoy the open sky with the opening of the slats, allowing you to adjust the bioclimatic pergola to cover 20% of its length and take advantage of 100% of the outdoor lighting for a springtime meal or a romantic dinner under the starlit sky on a summer night.

These adaptable pergolas can be installed between walls or as freestanding structures, with the option to enhance them with perimeter LED lighting, spotlights, sliding glass curtains, drop-down screens, music, heaters, and more.


Embrace innovation and technological avant-garde through progressive solar tracking with simultaneous movement of the louvers, interacting with pre-programmed scenes to condition the pergola in different environments according to additional features such as starry sky LED lighting, wind, snow, temperature, rain sensors, zenithal, and endless compatible options with the pergola that will allow us to create comfortable and very special recreational scenarios.


We have a highly qualified technical department to develop any type of pergola with custom-made and personalized manufacturing under the most demanding architectural criteria, providing naturalness and strength to these structures.

We develop the possibility of combining naturalized materials such as wooden slats and louvers with aluminum and steel structures to create unique and exclusive environments capable of accommodating living areas, barbecue areas, bars, spas, etc.

The details of the fine finishes and the handcrafted artisanal aesthetics stand out for a pergola that goes beyond its bioclimatic system and aims to be part of its own architectural environment.


For those customers who are passionate about nature and wood, we offer a unique and highly exclusive rustic pergola model for their enjoyment. 100% made of ash wood with large beams and pillars structured with hidden dovetail joints to avoid visible elements.

Its wooden slats are arranged in such a way that the lower and flat part of them is protected from frequent rains, while the upper part is finished with thermolacquered galvanized steel to provide more resistance to snow loads.

It is motorized and can be complemented with screens, enclosures, perimeter lighting, sensors, etc…


CONNECT is the first bioclimatic pergola with a container structure and mirrored walls that combines the essence of living in the environment with the privacy. It is a faithful reflection of mirrored houses integrated into forests and gardens.

On its exterior, its reflective effects create an exclusive space by multiplying the beauty of the surroundings, constantly changing color and shape, almost blending the space seamlessly into nature.

On its interior, it provides a personalized bioclimatic comfort combined with special weather sensors designed to open and close the louvers in case of rain, snow, or wind, or to adjust the space with infrared heating systems, ambient music, and particular lighting according to the needs.


Our pergolas are made with self-supporting structures of thermolacquered aluminum and double-layer PVC canvas roofs with Kevlar fiber, which not only provide pleasant and stable shade but also reduce the temperature inside the space by about 8 to 10 degrees Celsius compared to the outside in summer.

The PVC fabric, weighing 850 g/m2, not only creates a comfortable thermal environment but also offers other qualities such as water and oil repellency, resistance to mold and fungi, heat and frost resistance, weather resistance, and resistance to sudden temperature changes without suffering expansions.

Thanks to its inclined slope (8-14%), it allows for quick and efficient drainage of rainwater. If perimeter enclosures were available, it would contribute to energy savings for auxiliary heating or cooling sources.


With these pergolas, you can easily modularize and create connected areas to unite dining spaces with barbecue areas, dining areas with relaxation and gaming areas… an endless array of tailored solutions to enjoy the terrace in a very special and personalized way, accommodating all kinds of details and accessories.

Currently, this type of pergola is also being used for the construction of pool covers and outdoor gyms. Thanks to its rigorous and determined lines, a majestic and imposing pergola can be achieved.


These pergolas exclusively offer shading and wind protection capabilities, along with the ability to create a comfortable and distinguished outdoor environment interactively, depending on day-to-day needs and weather conditions.

Through a system of retractable awnings guided horizontally from a box by two lateral guides, the awning is incorporated into a frame structure, providing added resistance to withstand strong winds and high temperatures.

In this type of pergola, the use of lattices for wind resistance is not necessary, as the motor’s own traction is used to provide resistance and tension the fabric.

They also come with various accessories such as integrated lighting, built-in speakers, Bluetooth music playback, and the option to add infrared heaters, glass curtains, micro-perforated screens, etc.

They are available in both inclined and straight versions to suit different environments and architectural styles.

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