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A great selection of designer verandas to protect our spaces

The main purpose of this type of veranda is to cover spaces intended for use as a terrace, providing the best features for all types of weather conditions. In this way, they can be installed to cover spaces that will be used as pool houses, winter terraces, dining areas, game rooms, outdoor covered kitchens, yoga and meditation rooms, gyms, cinemas, guest houses, etc.

The main feature of verandas is their container-like composition that is added to one or more facades of a house. They can also be freestanding or modular, as they are custom-made and tailored to the customer’s needs.

This structure will be manufactured to be lightweight yet resistant using structural metal materials, high-density woods, insulating and thermal drawers, layers of insulation for sun protection, waterproofing, and soundproofing, as well as glazed enclosures from the most sophisticated brands.

It is noteworthy that in terms of finishes and decorative elements, they can integrate all the elements found in any home or business.

Minimalist Verandas

If you appreciate minimal and clean lines, minimalist verandas are the most elitist, clean, and transparent product we offer. In their main walls, we use minimalist carpentry with reduced profiles and have large-format panels that are easy to open and manipulate.

Their super-reduced frame gives them a very modern appearance where the existence of an exterior roof is barely noticeable, as their interior ceiling is below the line of the upper roof profile.

We have all types of minimalist carpentry pieces with double glazing to adapt them to the veranda: sliding, integrated tilt-and-turn, pockets, corner opening, pivot, etc.

This type of veranda can be complemented with large-format blinds and even corner-shaped ones, sliding and rotating louvers, aluminum venetian blinds, mosquito nets, etc.

Vanguard Verandas

These are those whose perimeter frame would carry a slightly thicker aesthetic than the minimalist frame but with a more avant-garde touch thanks to the use of clean and defined lines.

Any type of joinery can be adapted to these verandas; it doesn’t have to be only minimalist, but traditional joinery with more common elements could also be used, as well as more sophisticated steel joineries that allow for decorative balcony systems, etc.

This type of veranda can be accompanied by a perimeter overhang that surrounds the joinery, giving more importance to the roofing. This overhang can be made in any material.

Any sun protection element such as vertical cladding can also be added: screens, blinds, shutters, venetian blinds, etc., and at the same time, integrated skylight systems with hidden motorized blinds can be installed in the roof.

Veranda Lounge

With its aspect of a skewed porch and strong, contrasting lines, this type of veranda enhances an architectural aspect that is unparalleled and unmistakable with avant-garde structure on all four sides.

In this frame, the joinery tends to be minimalist in style, although traditional and substantial joineries also complement this model. Naturally, it accommodates any luxury sun protection system.

Classic Veranda

The Classic Veranda is intended for a more traditional audience whose homes exhibit a classic style, encompassing a diverse architecture ranging from colonial, palatial, new art deco, Mediterranean, to rough or exposed brick concepts.

A perfect symbiosis is achieved between established architecture and the frame of this veranda, as styles are unified with high-definition decorative systems in cast aluminium and steel.

Vaulted skylights can be added to these verandas to create an even more special atmosphere, allowing natural light to enter the interior and enabling star-gazing at night.

Classic joinery is used in these verandas, typically made of steel with specialized glass, including rock crystal, to give a high-end touch to the finishes.

This type of veranda can also incorporate upper capitals to accentuate the sharpness of the roofs according to the reference homes.

Glass Verandas

They are the most innovative and futuristic despite the traditional composition, as they are exclusively made of safety glass for the walls and safety tempered glass with double glazing for the roof.

They have an attractive appearance as they integrate 360-degree spatial vision towards the outside and allow us to incorporate all the outdoor space within this veranda, where the predominance of light and colour is part of its essence.

We use the best treated glass on the market to control solar luminosity, heat, and low emissivity to prevent temperature loss from heaters or air conditioning.

We have a polarization and deionization system to change the color of the upper glass panels and thus also control heat and provide privacy.

Wood and Glass Verandas

For all wood lovers with a rustic and traditional spirit, we offer a line of verandas made 100% from natural ash wood combined with minimalist joinery or with practical wood and specialized glass systems.

Their integration with the environment is essential to give a more natural sense to a temporary but compact enclosure that seeks harmony with nature, promoting a sunny climate inside and outside the space.

They can be combined with aged and treated floors, with select coffered ceilings, and with chosen designer woods to add more naturalness to the space and create personalized features when customizing each project.

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