Assembly and design of luxury kitchens, both classic and modern.

We specialize in the assembly and design of luxury kitchens. Our luxury furniture stores offer personalized services so you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.


Design your kitchen with us, whether it’s classic or modern.


Leaders in the luxury and modern kitchen market. With 50 years of experience, we excel in creating exclusive designs for luxury, modern, and classic kitchens.

At GUNNI&TRENTINO, we provide personalized and professional service for the design and installation of your kitchens.

In addition to our sales representatives and interior designers who will be in direct contact with you, a team of professionals specialized in kitchen design and installation will be involved in the project to perfectly tailor it to your lifestyle and budget, ensuring an exclusive and long-lasting result. Our professionals have extensive experience and specialize in designing kitchens.

They will advise you on all aspects related to interior design, the selection of furniture and accessories for your kitchen, kitchen appliances, lighting, flooring and wall coverings, and all the elements that compose this increasingly important space in the home.

We are passionate about designing kitchens, and this is reflected in the results. We advise our clients and are available to address any doubts or questions throughout the remodeling or creation of their kitchen project. As experts, we know how to create the best possible kitchen according to the space, budget, and lifestyle of our clients. Each project is unique, and we approach it as such. There are many ways to design a kitchen, but some aspects are already defined by practice and experience, ensuring a logical, practical, safe, and functional design.

Kitchen Assembly & Design, Gunni & Trentino

Furniture and Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Assembly & Design, Gunni & Trentino


Kitchen Assembly & Design, Gunni & Trentino

Sinks and Faucets

Kitchen Assembly & Design, Gunni & Trentino


Our kitchen installation service sets the standard for technical professionalism

We are official distributors of kitchen furniture from leading brands such as Fendi Casa Cucine and La Cornue

There is a wide variety of kitchen designs, and what interests us most is achieving that feeling of personal and unique space. For kitchens with islands, it is important to have a minimum amount of space for it to be truly useful. To have a kitchen layout with an island, it is advisable to have sufficient surface area, as otherwise, we will be interfering with what we call “the work triangle.” We usually recommend this solution only when the kitchen is at least 30 square meters in size. The kitchen island can be a cooking area or just a workspace, and this applies to both luxury kitchens and mid-range kitchens. However, it is advisable to place it at least 90 cm away from any other surrounding furniture to ensure comfort in movement, whether for working or having breakfast. The kitchen with an island can perfectly be open to the living room, whether it is large or medium-sized, as with our designs and materials, the aesthetics, attractiveness, and elegance of the kitchen allow it to be showcased in open spaces. Modern odor extraction systems with our ceiling or telescopic hoods will ensure clean air in the room. It is a good way to divide a large or elongated space and thus obtain a kitchen area and another for an office.

Also, it’s a very good option to place a comfortable breakfast bar. The layout called “L-shaped” is based on two perpendicular rows of furniture. It is the most common layout for medium-sized kitchens and to create a comfortable and attractive work triangle between the cooking, water, and storage areas. The work triangle creates the most efficient space for cooking between the cooking, water, and food storage points. A variant of this practical layout is the “L-shaped” with a column front. In this column front, we place the appliances chosen by the client, such as refrigerators with one or two doors, wine coolers, dishwashers, ovens, etc., and we will take advantage of the interior design of the cabinets to place small appliances, such as food processors, juicers, etc. This layout generally allows us to place a dining table. For this, we offer the possibility of customizing it in various materials or choosing from our wide catalog of home furniture offered in our luxury furniture stores, which include wonderful designer tables from the best brands in the world, as well as chairs and stools. Sometimes the space available to the client is elongated in the form of a hallway. In these cases, we usually recommend a kitchen design with two rows of furniture. This gains space for storing utensils and creates a comfortable work area. In small or elongated kitchens, all the furniture can be left on a single front. This stylizes them and gives a greater sense of space.

When our client needs a lot of countertop surface, we can propose the kitchen design in a “U” shape. This is a layout with three rows of furniture, with which we multiply the workspace and upper and lower storage space. It also allows us to accommodate several appliances under the countertop, such as the dishwasher, the washing machine, etc.

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