КУХНИ / посмотреть aA-cero для Gunni&Trentino


Introducing the kitchen «Wave», the result of innovative collaboration between the studio A-cero and GUNNI&TRENTINO. The design, created by prestigious Architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, from A-cero, exclusively for GUNNI&TRENTINO, goes a step further in the concept of modern kitchen. Fusing creativity, functionality and unmistakable style. With sculptural lines Wave is known for the purity of white on all surfaces and the edgy cadence of its organic design. GUNNI&TRENTINO has chosen only the best materials to manufacture every piece of Wave. Among the high quality materials is the Dupont Corian Glacier White material, combined with black. An exclusive, unique and original kitchen for daring interiors.

Gunni & Trentino Wave (1)Gunni & Trentino Wave (5)Wave-11Technical Details | The curved furniture and its sinuous lines haven given the name to this special kithen. The hob has been made in Dupont Corian Glacier White Color white, 10mm thick. The central island has a counter on two levels, with the lower 80mm thick,with the sink embedded in the same material. The low furniture and columns  are lacquered in white silk matte finish touch and 22mm thick doors. The hardware used for the doors include opening and closing damper 107 degrees. Inside, the cabinet is formed of a hull made of high density laminated 19mm thick with white striated end edges. The interiors are composed of 2 shelves in each module and secured by stainless steel eccentrics, and have incorporated interior drawers and metal drawers with damping system, finished in white lacquer. The cutlery are made of oak wood lacquered in white.