Poliform kitchens at Gunni & Trentino

Poliform is an Italian luxury decoration firm and at the same time a leading brand in the kitchen sector. Poliform offers exclusive kitchens, characterized by a variety of models that always manage to adapt to the needs of a heterogeneous and multicultural audience. The Poliform kitchen system is characterized by its versatility.

The furniture in these kitchens is 100% made in Italy, with attention to detail, quality of materials, durability and strict production processes. All this in order to create extraordinary houses together with Gunni & Trentino.

There is a Poliform kitchen for each type of person since the Italian firm sees to developing its models according to the lifestyle of different groups of clients and potential clients. Those who choose a Poliform kitchen choose large storage spaces, comfort and elegance that makes the kitchen the centrepiece of the house in which it is integrated.

When someone begins to develop a project and chooses Poliform, the firm will allow them to combine different modular systems to achieve a kitchen tailored to the needs and tastes of the client, giving them a great advantage over other mass-design kitchen firms.

At Gunni & Trentino we are official distributors of the entire range of Poliform kitchens. Come into one of our stores or contact us to get advice on everything you need for your decoration project. We can and we want to make the kitchen of your dreams come true.

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