Luxury and designer furniture stores: the best furniture for your home

Discover our luxury and designer furniture stores, where you’ll find a wide selection of luxury interior and exterior furniture with great design for the home. We have all the home furniture you need for your decoration projects. Explore a selection of furniture for your living room, with designs ranging from classic to modern, from the most distinguished brands in our exclusive furniture showrooms.

In our luxury and designer furniture stores, you will find the best furniture for your home.


In our luxury and designer furniture showrooms, you’ll discover an extensive array of high-end indoor and outdoor furniture options, meticulously crafted to enhance your living space. We offer a comprehensive range of home furnishings tailored to meet the requirements of your interior design projects.

Additionally, in our luxury furniture stores, we offer a wide range of lamp designs to illuminate your spaces, premium textiles from top brands, and various home accessories. Our extensive catalogue includes chairs and tables suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, including terraces and gardens. We also feature bedroom furniture, living room furniture, as well as youth furniture in our selection.

Our luxury furniture for your home

The luxury furniture manufactured and distributed by Gunny & Trentino is unique because it is made from exceptional raw materials, with many still retaining artisanal manufacturing and production methods.

We distribute home and office furniture from the best international brands in the market, which work tirelessly to achieve the finest textiles, designs, stone, and wood. The modern and classic furniture we sell in our stores has been conceived and created by renowned designers from past generations and our time.

We specialise in managing comprehensive decoration projects to provide all the conveniences that someone with a single distributor for interior design projects can have.

The importance of brands in designer furniture cannot be overstated. It is crucial to trust in brands and buy from those who can guarantee the authenticity of the pieces. At GUNNI&TRENTINO, we only sell authentic pieces with all their guarantees. Acquiring furniture from top brands is an investment. These pieces are the result of years of research, design, testing, refinement, and craftsmanship. As the owner of an authentic designer piece, you can enjoy the artisanal perfection of every detail and be completely assured of the quality of each material and finish.

Brands of designer furniture from the world's top publishers

We distribute the most prestigious furniture brands in the international market. Among more than 300 different furniture brands, you can find both modern and classic home furnishings, as well as authentic design icons that have already made history. Highly recognisable pieces that are a true investment to enhance your interior design project.

We are official distributors of Armani CasaB&B ItaliaFendi CasaGiorgettiFlexformMaxaltoPoliformPromemoriaVitraCassinaPoltrona FrauCarl Hansen & SonAnd TraditionArflexKnollFritz HansenMorosoMooiPorroPoradaEdraTresserraSerralungaDriade and Cappellini, among many others. Enjoy discovering all their products from our online catalogue, where you can search by furniture type, designer, or brand. Since the beginning of our journey as experts in luxury furnishings for interior design projects, we have been selecting the most prestigious furniture design brands to offer our clients the best in international home furnishings. Over the years, we have become market leaders as distributors and brand advocates, able to advise our clients with maximum experience and knowledge and under the best conditions.

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