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Balay: Spanish high-end appliances



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Balay is one of the main manufacturers of household appliances in Spain. It is currently part of the BSH Electrodomésticos España S.A. group, with five factories and more than four thousand employees.

This long-standing company has in its catalog of household appliances:

Washing machines that make washing more and more comfortable, fast, simple and efficient.
Clothes dryers that offer a renewed design, comfort, energy efficiency and drying efficiency.
Refrigerators and freezers with new technology and new designs with different combinations and capacities.
Rigorous dishwashers in cleaning, careful with the dishes and respectful of resources. Comfortable, effective and efficient.
Compact ovens, which make your favorite recipes always turn out right.
Microwaves with more efficient operation and more comfortable use.
Cooktops with innovative features, impeccable designs and surprising finishes.
Extractor hoods in different sizes, designs and finishes to suit your kitchen.

This company has been the protagonist of technological advances in Spain. In the 1980s, after almost nine years of research and development together with the University of Zaragoza, Balay launched the first induction hob in 1990, which represented the greatest technological advance known to date in kitchen appliances.

In the 90s, Balay made a commitment to the environment, becoming the first national brand to eliminate CFC gases from its refrigeration appliances. In addition, they have succeeded in making the world’s least water consuming dishwashers and washing machines.

In 2012, Balay launched the washing machine with a drying function, a new appliance capable of doing both processes without interruptions and saving 50 liters of water per cycle.

Currently, Balay already has more than 4,000 employees and has five factories throughout Spain. In addition, it has excellent after-sales service and offers the necessary guarantees to accompany the customer with their new acquisition.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Balay distributor.

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