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Designer cabinets for offices.

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Within our range of office furniture, we have a variety of design cabinets and other storage solutions from the most recognized interior designer firms in the sector, such as USM, Ofifran, Tonelli and Forma 5, among others.

Our cabinets and other storage furniture are specially designed for offices, hotels, commercial spaces, libraries, museums or galleries, as well as for civil works projects, such as airport terminals, hospitals and sports marinas. Our modern office furniture not only meets design expectations, it is also tailored to the needs of the staff who use it.

In our showrooms, you will find everything you need to decorate the interior of offices, hotels, commercial spaces and restaurant businesses, with the best office furniture.

At Gunni & Trentino, we have a contract department specialized in managing large projects. This department has its own offices and specialized departments in the different varieties of challenging projects, such as hotels, offices, restaurants and commercial spaces, among others. Do not hesitate to count on us to make your project a success.

We invite you to view our entire catalog of office products, our lighting options and you may also be interested in visiting our selection of materials for flooring and cladding.

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