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Our technical office in Colombia

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Gunni & Trentino technical office in Colombia

José Luis García Iannini [Country Manager]

Calle 101 # 14-36

Rincon del Chico neighborhood – Bogotá

+ (57) 1 2147179

+ (57) 1 2140647

[email protected]

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 – 18:00.

The Gunni & Trentino decoration showroom in Bogotá has all kinds of products and furniture for the home, outdoors, bathrooms and spas, kitchens, flooring and wall tiles. This delegation has the support of the entire export and after-sales team at the headquarters in the Madrid offices.


Calle 101 # 14-36
Barrio Rincón del Chico – Bogotá
José Luis García Iannini [Country Manager]


+(57) 1 2147179  |  +(57) 1 2140647
[email protected]


Lunes a Viernes: 08.00 h. a 18.00 h.


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Conoce nuestra tienda de decoración, muebles de diseño e interiorismo en Madrid. En nuestra Flagship Store de Madrid podrá encontrar todo tipo de productos y mobiliario para el hogar, exteriores, baños y spas, cocinas, pavimentos y revestimientos.

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