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Designer kitchen furniture

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We have a large catalog of modern and classical kitchens in the best materials and finishes.

Our range of luxury kitchens incorporates the best technological tools and a fully customizable design. The Gunni & Trentino Kitchen Systems will allow you to choose and adapt the project to the smallest detail. Our designs adapt to the current trends, such as kitchen islands, timeless classics, back-in-style vintage, innovative and classic.

In addition, at Gunni & Trentino we have our own line of kitchen accessories and we are distributors of the best high-end household electrical appliances brands as we like to offer a complete service and be able to manage a comfortable project for our client.


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Our second range of kitchens – the Slim Kitchen Line – is perfect for medium budgets, with high quality materials at very attractive prices.

Feel free to contact our contract sales representatives if you are interested in learning more about our SLIM collections which present elegant quality kitchens at more affordable prices. All this with the great service that characterizes us.

Our manufacturing and creation capacity, together with our assembly, logistics, warranty services and the comfort of our after-sales procedures, allow our interior designers to adapt to any spatial and functional need. Our teams will be able to help you create your high-end kitchen project from scratch, or to reform and modernize it, if that’s what you prefer.

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The most prestigious brands of furniture and kitchen appliances.

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