Flooring and coverings

Flooring and coverings.

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At Gunni & Trentino we highly value the character that flooring and wall tiles give to a decoration project. We have our own Gunni & Trentino seal, we have Natural stone with a wide variety of stones selected by our experts directly from the best quarries. Gunni & Trentino also offers collections of the best quality wood for interior and exterior.

Clients can choose from a wide variety of products to cover walls and floors: more than 70 types of marble, slate, granite, limestone as well as exotic and classic wood, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain, glass coatings, leather, mosaics, tiles, special stones such as basalt or Thassos and floor coverings for outdoor or pools.

We also cover outdoor materials. The exterior wall coverings are as important as the interior ones and maintain the harmony of a comprehensive interior design, however, the exterior floorings must be non-slip porcelain tiles due to their exposure to the weather. At Gunni & Trentino we have a variety of outdoor flooring and cladding from the best brands and the best materials. Regarding styles, the decoration of the exterior wall is once again taking center stage with the use of porcelain tiles that imitate wallpaper, porcelain tiles with textures and aged or worn style. Large formats are preferred when it comes to covering exterior walls as they maintain design continuity in large spaces. At Gunni & Trentino we offer different solutions for this type of coating.

We Work with the best materials and brands: Bisazza, Casalgrande, Devon & Devon, Mutina, Refin and Sicis, among many others. Our own line of wall and floor tiles Gunni & Trentino Covers all materials, combining quality, durability, design and aesthetics. We also love working with innovative flooring and coatings, such as the leading products of Cosentino and DuPont.

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