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Dedar: Textiles and designer upholstery

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Dedar is a family-run cloth house with cutting-edge contemporary design. This firm has always worked with artisans and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques used in the production of excellent fabrics. Dedar fabrics are characterized by seductive color palettes and unexpected patterns, combining precious yarns to offer diverse solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall coverings of timeless elegance.

The Dedar brand collection of designer textiles and upholstery comprises more than 300 items and 3,000 color combinations.

Dedar wallpapers

Dedar wallpapers and wall coverings bring the creativity of design and the texture of textiles to the fore. From lacquer-inspired vinyl papers, an artistic technique of oriental tradition, to textile coverings, the visual and tactile effect highlights the material, creating a distinctive three-dimensionality for wall surfaces with a strong personality. Fire retardant solutions add beauty and functionality to walls.

Dedar by Hermès

Since 2011, Dedar has been a partner of Hermès for the production and distribution of the collection of fabrics and wallpapers for the home.

Hermès fabrics and wallpapers for Dedar explore new territories and formats. The eloquence, generous lines, and energy of the hand are conveyed in ballpoint pen, marker, colored pencil, watercolor, and more. Volumes and expressions are faithfully transposed to the heart of the material, be it textile or paper.

Passing through columns, the fabrics and wallpapers that are the fruit of this alliance fly down the stairs, cross the esplanades and fill the urban landscape, displaying their own language on the uncompromising architecture, mixing illustrative generosity and geometric abstraction.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Dedar distributor.