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Flagship Store Madrid

Luxury furniture store and interior design and decoration in Madrid.

Explore our Flagship Store in Madrid in detail.

Our luxury furniture store in Madrid boasts a 3,000m² showroom dedicated to decoration and luxury furniture. It features a wide range of products and furniture for the home, outdoor furniture, bathrooms, spas, kitchens, flooring and cladding, all with the superior and guaranteed quality of Gunni & Trentino.

Our flagship store has unique spaces dedicated to the exhibition of furniture from the leading brands in the industry.

On the facade, we display the unique and special «scale» cladding created with Cosentino’s Dekton material.

On the ground floor, “La Casa Contemporánea”, we feel like a complete house because it includes several home environments, two kitchens, a bathroom and a dressing room.

On this same floor, we have created a special corner – the “Biblio-Bar Sketch”. This space, with a bookstore, brings together high-quality publications for sale as well as books as decoration. Sketch includes a kitchen and bar area to welcome our customers.

The garden, also on the ground floor, is called “Botanicae – Urban Garden”, and displays an impressive exhibition of outdoor furniture and a landscaping project that fits in with the elegance of the rear facade.

On the 1st floor is every Home. In addition to a special corner dedicated to household items and wedding lists, another space is dedicated exclusively to textiles and a VIP meeting room.

Floor -1 is located below the garden, divided into two zones, each of approximately 500 m2. In one is Pavements and Coatings and the Technical Area of taps and sanitary ware, with an impressive space dedicated to samples of ceramics, wood, natural stone and porcelain tile XXL formats. In the other, and around the skylight are the inspirational bathroom areas where you can find these materials applied to classic and modern bathrooms.

On Floor 2, we find the space dedicated to kitchens and the spectacular terrace, “El Mirador”, where we also display outdoor furniture.

And on Floor -2, we have the Gunni & Trentino Cookery School.

Could you provide a bit more information about our decoration store in Madrid?

Our GUNNI&TRENTINO Flagship Store represents a pivotal milestone in our 45-year journey, marking the company’s most significant investment to date. We’re excited to share details of our storefront and a glimpse of the interior spaces, inviting you to visit and experience this unique destination in Madrid firsthand.

The facade itself is a spectacular and instantly recognizable feature. Clad in Dekton material from Cosentino, it boasts an original design collaboratively crafted with the firm. We’ve achieved a flawlessly flat surface with reduced weight, controlled volume, high gloss, and impeccable finish. This cutting-edge material seamlessly aligns with our values of innovation and avant-garde. The objective is for the façade to exude elegance, modernity, and a distinctive texture. We conceived this ‘scale’ design to attain the uniqueness we sought, achieved through the repetition of this form, rendering the façade entirely unparalleled and the building an icon. Inside, you’ll discover state-of-the-art kitchens incorporating bespoke solutions, designs, cutting-edge materials, appliances, and the most advanced and daring designs for modern bathrooms.

Indoor Furniture & Luxury Furnishings to Decorate Your Home

The sensation we aimed to create in our Madrid-based decoration store is that of a journey through a complete home, and we’ve named it “The Contemporary Home”. It includes various settings such as living rooms, dining areas, two kitchens, a bathroom, and a dressing room. The visitor’s first impression is our Reception area, which provides a glimpse of the bookshelf space in the background and a peek into the indoor garden.

We’ve also incorporated sections dedicated to Home Goods and Textiles, where customers can discover designs from top luxury brands in bedding, bath textiles, kitchen textiles, tableware, glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, premium cooking vessels, vases, and decorative objects. It’s a paradise for enthusiasts of luxury applied to everyday living.

Outdoor Furniture to Decorate Your Terraces and Gardens

Outdoor furniture to decorate your terraces and gardens

We also feature the ‘Botanicae – Urban Garden,’ an outdoor landscaped space where we showcase top-brand outdoor furniture in a relaxing environment right in the heart of Madrid, facing the rear facade of the building. It will undoubtedly become a meeting place as soon as the good weather arrives.

Flooring and Coverings

We offer two areas, each approximately 500 m2 in size: On one side, Pavements and Coverings, and a Technical Zone for faucets and sanitary ware, featuring an impressive space dedicated to showcasing collections of ceramics, wood, natural stone, and XXL porcelain formats. On the other side, surrounding the skylight, the area showcases inspirational Bathroom environments, where these materials are applied to both classic and modern bathrooms. It’s 1,000 m2 where we showcase products and ideas.

Hundreds of references are available in the ceramic coverings section.

Hundred of references are available in the ceramic covering section

Featuring the most innovative proposals and cutting-edge concepts from the international market.

Natural Stone and Cutting Workshop at Our Madrid Store

Our GUNNI&TRENTINO Natural Stone collection is showcased in an environment that allows for a close appreciation of each material’s characteristics. Additionally, visitors can witness the capabilities of our specialized Cutting Workshop. Here, we undertake the most intricate and sophisticated commissions using state-of-the-art technology, including Water Jet cutting. Our team comprises seasoned experts with over 20 years of experience, providing tailored services for any material and application.

Wood Collection for Decorating Your Home

The GUNNI&TRENTINO Wood Collection offers its own journey, where we guide the customer through choosing the Format, Finish, and selecting the quality of the wood, in an easy and practical circuit. With a wide range of finishes, a variety of parquets with different patterns and wood combinations, and hundreds of references to choose from, finding the perfect flooring for your project has never been easier.

The facilities are designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to select materials for their projects, with guidance from our team. Comfort for meetings and functionality for choosing materials are prioritized.

Bathroom fixtures, sanitary ware, and designer bathrooms in Madrid.

Technical Zone for faucets and sanitary ware, arranged to facilitate product and style selection. We also have an Inspirational Bathroom Area, showcasing a variety of styles and incorporating the most advanced materials in coverings and flooring, as well as the most selective custom-made furniture, sanitary ware, faucets, and lighting.

Extensive selection of wardrobes and dressing rooms.

Home environments located on the first floor, which also includes wardrobes, dressing rooms, and interior doors.

Home Goods and Textiles

We’ve incorporated sections dedicated to Home Goods and Textiles, where you can discover designs from top luxury brands in bedding, bath textiles, kitchen textiles, tableware, glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, premium cooking vessels, vases, and decorative objects. It’s a paradise for enthusiasts of luxury applied to everyday living.

Books on decoration, art, architecture, and history

We have created a very special corner, the “Boceto Biblio-Bar”, a space with a library that gathers high-quality publications for sale on decoration, such as those dedicated to Lorenzo Castillo, Luis Bustamante, or Jaime Parladé, as well as books on art, architecture, and history. Boceto includes a kitchen and a bar area to welcome our customers.

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Monday to Friday:
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Embark on an Inspirational Journey at the Luxury Showroom of Gunni & Trentino in Madrid.

Discover our flagship store in Madrid, an inspirational destination where each item is carefully curated to tell a unique story of sophistication and style.


En Gunni & Trentino contamos con profesionales especializados en el diseño vestidores de lujo, armarios a medida, puertas de diseño y ebanistería en general.


Los muebles de lujo que fabrica y distribuye Gunni & Trentino son únicos porque son hechos con una materia prima excepcional,



En Gunni & Trentino valoramos mucho el carácter que los pavimentos y revestimientos imprimen a un proyecto de decoración por eso contamos con una gran variedad en piedra natural y una gran colección de maderas.


Discover the latest news and trends in interior design with Gunni & Trentino in Madrid, where the art of design is constantly reinvented.

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