Modern designer doors, cabinets and dressing rooms

Luxury, modern, classic, and designer doors at Gunni & Trentino’s luxury designer furniture stores. We offer a wide selection of modern doors in different materials, colors, and finishes. Sliding, hinged, flush, or folding doors, in the finest materials and finishes.

Great selection of modern, classic, and timeless luxury doors in our catalog of furniture, materials, and design accessories for the home.

In our designer furniture stores, we have a wide selection of interior doors and passage doors, including sliding, hinged, flush, or folding doors, all crafted from the finest materials and finishes: glass, metal, wood, bamboo, matte or glossy lacquer, available in a variety of colors, with different handles and knobs and levers. They can feature special designs or have a smooth finish, suitable for homes, offices, hotels, or other interior decoration projects.

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  • Doors

Interior doors and passage doors from the world's most prestigious luxury decoration and design brands.

Our wide selection of interior doors allows us to offer solutions for spaces of all types in residential projects, including exterior doors, and in large Contract projects such as Hotels and Offices. We can assist you from our designer furniture stores, where you can view samples and catalogs.

We also have an extensive catalog of interior doors that allows you to choose materials, styles, and colors. Passage doors of various designs and systems, sliding, flush, etc. – with a wide selection of handles and doorknobs available in different finishes. Interior doors are an important decision in decoration, whether for homes, offices, or hotels.

Gunni & Trentino presents you with the finest selection, and we also advise you on the best finishes for your specific interior design project. Visit our luxury furniture stores for more information.

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