Designer radiators and fireplaces.

The finest luxury radiators and fireplaces with modern and classic designs in the exclusive selection of our luxury furniture stores.

Luxury radiators and fireplaces from the most exclusive brands in the market.

Find in our luxury furniture stores luxury radiators and fireplaces with the most innovative designs in the sector, and maintain aesthetic balance in your decoration project without sacrificing warmth. In our catalog, you’ll find pieces in both classic and modern styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.


Every day, more and more people include designer fireplaces in their decoration projects, either to save energy, be more sustainable or follow the latest trends in decoration. If you also choose to be in fashion, at Gunni & Trentino you can find the fireplace that best suits your style and needs.

We also offer you the most innovative radiators so that your spaces have a design balance between all the elements that bring it together. There are no more excuses, now there are also designer and luxury radiators and stoves. In addition, today you can find modern radiators in our showrooms by brands such as Tubes and Antrax, both of which stand out in terms of innovation, technology and avant-garde.

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An exclusive selection of luxury fireplaces and radiators with the most innovative and adaptable designs.

There are no excuses anymore; now there are also designer and luxury radiators and stoves available. Furthermore, nowadays you can find modern radiators in our showrooms from brands like Tubes and Antrax, both renowned for innovation, technology, and cutting-edge design.


Among our variety of radiators and fireplaces, you will find products from other leading companies in the sector, such as Antrax Tubes, Ceadesign, Ágape, Devon & Devon, and many more.

We invite you to see all the variety of designer home furniture that we have in our catalog of products, such as sofas, chairs, tables, armchairs, showcases, bookcases and textiles. We are specialists in supplying high-end furniture for all rooms in the home and distribute the leading brands in the world of interior design.

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