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Modern and classic designer toilets and bidets.

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The toilet and the bidet are the two main pieces of a bathroom as they are essential. And yes, even as the years go by, the bidet is still part of the furniture of luxury bathrooms worldwide. The location of this pair in the design space around the rest of the furniture will be decisive in the final result of a decoration project.

Discover the wide range of modern and classic toilets and bidets that we have available at Gunni & Trentino. Our catalog covers different styles, materials and finishes that will allow you to choose the designer products that best suit the needs of the interior design project you are developing.

In our showroom, you will find modern and classic style toilets and bidets, we have traditional and avant-garde models on the market with different tanks, flushes and different types of bottoms.

Brands have been innovating with the design of toilets and bidets for a long time, but there didn’t used to be not much variety in terms of models and finishes. Currently, you can find all and the best designs at Gunni & Trentino. In our showrooms, you will find self-cleaning toilets, urinals, bidets and accessories.

In addition, we are distributors of the best designer brands of toilets and bidets such as Villeroy & Boch, Ágape, TECE, Laufen, and Devon & Devon.

We invite you to look at all the options we have in terms of designer bathroom furniture to continue with the decoration project you have in hand. We are also specialists in managing global decoration projects.

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