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Kaldewei - Vitrified Steel Sanitary Solutions

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Kaldewei is a German design firm dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality vitrified steel shower trays, bathtubs and sinks.

Project managers and private developers around the world appreciate the many benefits of the valuable KALDEWEI steel enamel, which is used in many first-class hotels. Foreign trade accounts for 50 percent of the turnover. KALDEWEI was founded in 1918, and today it is the fourth generation that is so passionately dedicated to the combination of steel and enamel.

KALDEWEI shower trays

Vitrified shower trays from KALDEWEI not only offer individuality and elegance in the bathroom, additionally they represent lasting quality and absolute value thanks to the nature of vitrified steel. They are highly resistant materials and therefore very hygienic. Furthermore, the perfectly harmonized components of the system make an impression through their harmonious interplay, and make concessions in assembly unnecessary.

KALDEWEI bathtubs

For small and large bathrooms, for one or two people, as well as in an angular or oval version: KALDEWEI bathtubs, with their elegant design and high-quality materials, transform any bathroom into a place of relaxation and meet the highest demands.

KALDEWEI washbasins

KALDEWEI has the right washbasin for every bathroom, whether it is wall-mounted, recessed, under-counter or countertop. They can be combined with equally valuable fittings from various manufacturers to give them an overall impression of harmony. The KALDEWEI Style Guide shows which taps complement our sinks perfectly from an aesthetic perspective.

Whether it be shower trays, bathtubs or sinks, KALDEWEI bathtubs are manufactured from uniform materials and with the same high quality standards. In this sense, the company is committed to the entire value-added chain, from the manufacture of enamel and the shaping of steel to ennoblement with vitrified KALDEWEI steel.

Today, KALDEWEI is present in more than 80 countries, with twelve subsidiaries in Austria, China, the USA, Spain, France, England, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland and Southeast Asia.

Gunni & Trentino is an official dealer of Kaldewei.