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Gunni & Trentino Wardrobes and Dressing Rooms.

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We are experts in the design and manufacture bespoke wardrobes and dressing of the highest quality. The range of products and materials Gunni & Trentino allows infinite combinations of domestic distribution for closets and dressers.


Our systems allow total customization of both materials and composition to suit the client’s preferences to the smallest detail. Hardwoods, exotic woods, leather, lacquer, smooth, smoked or tinted windows, chrome metal, aluminum, interior lined in linen, cushioned fasteners, and fittings of the highest quality, allow us to create unique dressing rooms and closets. You can also choose from a wide collection of doors in different materials, colors and finishes, and different types of handles and doors – sliding, hinged or folding -. We care enormously for the finishes of the interiors finished, made in wood, linen, and natural or dark.

Our own brand is a leader in luxury closets and dressers. Our flexible storage system is perfect for complete customization of design and ensures comfort and functionality of the dressing area, bedroom closets, bathrooms and other rooms in the house. Our collection of accessories, with hangers, shoe, bags and boxes covered in fabric with leather handles give the finishing touch to a perfect order.

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