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Falper: Exclusive bathroom products

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Falper: Designer bathroom furniture

Falper is made up of furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories, designed and created one by one, lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to my needs.

The brand it is the result of sartorial care but with the latest material-processing technology and production methods. It knows how to respect the world we live in: each panel is certified ecological, all the wood finishes are entirely water-based and all manufacturing waste is recycled.

It is the fruit of an Italian company encompassing all the values ​​of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity into each item, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make each product an instant classic. It takes the spotlight in any contemporary scene that makes elegance and originality its distinguishing features.