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TECE: Technological solutions for the bathroom

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TECE is a company in the sanitary facilities sector that offers planned solutions, reliable technology, durable functions and timeless design in all its collections. With its range of products and services, TECE covers all construction service applications: from piping systems and flushing technology to drainage technology and grease separators.

Ninety percent of TECE products have been reliably carrying out their work unnoticed behind walls or in wall installations for many years.

In the other 10 percent of the cases, users have TECE solutions, such as a push plate for flushing the toilet, a shower channel or drain grate, a flush handle, or a stainless steel eye that controls urinal discharge. The company pays special attention to these interfaces with the architecture.

TECE offers design solutions that can be integrated into the architecture. Examples of this is where they include the flush-mounted push plates or the tileable shower channel.

Wall construction service applications must function smoothly and reliably. The same is true for visible operating elements, such as toilet push plates and drain channels. TECE’s objective is to offer a presentable and aesthetic design in all price categories and to keep everything compatible with the other elements of technical development. A good example of this is the flush handle that complements the accessory ranges from renowned European manufacturers using a matching design.

Gunni & Trentino is an official TECE distributor.