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Mosaico+: Mosaics for flooring and cladding in design projects

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Mosaico + is a mosaic manufacturing brand in which different types of matter are involved and interact: an alphabet of colors and materials, for juxtaposition in design projects.

This firm is considered a new brand in the world of interior design, which replaces a merely decorative role, capable of responding to the needs of the project, supporting its specific identity and improving the essence of the materials, with the help of original combinations, harmonious integrations and dynamic overlays.

Product customization and solution customization are two specific characteristics that mark the continuity of this adventure and find their maximum expression in the Mosaico + Projects Division in Carpacco (Udine, Italy).

The Mosaic + Projects division center is located in the strategic center of the Italian mosaic tradition, it is where all custom compositions, special projects and mosaic assembly are done by hand, thanks to the finely honed skills of the masters craftsmen.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Mosaico + distributor, do not hesitate to contact our interior designers for any information you need about our range of materials.