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Dibbern: German porcelain tableware

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DIBBERN is a German luxury brand of high-quality designer tableware. This brand is characterized by creating classic and timeless designs in each of its collections. They are experts in the production of the best porcelain through which they create innumerable combinations, and that is how they can reach all types of decoration lovers.

At DIBBERN, they manage to keep the balance between art and traditional handmade, thus maintaining simplicity in pieces that are still attractive.

As previously mentioned, DIBBERN porcelain is of the best quality and everything is due to the artisan standards that must be adhered to. What differentiates the signature raw material from the rest of ordinary porcelain is its high content of calcium phosphate – ash that makes the material highly resistant. This combined with the brilliance of the “Fine Bone China” make DIBBERN tableware the most sought after and attractive in the kitchenware sector.

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