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Vibia: Decoration Designer Lighting

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Vibia is a company that manufactures designer lamps It was founded in 1987 and is located in Barcelona (Spain), a cultivation area of design culture and a cluster of knowledge. It has a presence in 80 countries and a subsidiary in New Jersey (USA).

Vibia’s mission is to facilitate the identification of each individual with the environment in which they live, work, visit, etc. by providing adequate lighting and inspiring the creative capacity and good taste of consumers and professionals in architecture and interior design through a unique portfolio of lighting products.

All Vibia products are protected original designs. Twenty teams of professionals in product design and interior design sign VIBIA products. They bring creativity, fresh air and a certain capacity for transgression, always at the service of VIBIA’s coherence of criteria, values ​​and identity.

Innovation is part of Vibia’s DNA. Product development is a constant stimulus, permanently incorporating new technologies, processes and materials.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Vibia.