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Baxter: designer leather home furnishings

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Baxter is a family business specialized in designing and creating handcrafted leather sofas, armchairs, beds, chairs and home furnishings. Their master craftsmen transform raw materials into leather pieces with a unique look, softness and touch. Baxter has traveled a path by manual process, where experience and culture are the essential elements that allow it to produce prestigious leather, the symbol of its excellence.

The collections mix classic and futuristic styles. They create custom-made furniture for a particularly demanding clientele. Among its iconic pieces, Lazybones stands out – a nabuk armchair with armrests – with essential lines and designed by Studio Pepe. Small and minimalist, this piece can easily be used as an armchair next to the sofa, or as a chair at the table.

In its night collection, The Metropolis bed stands out. It is a leather double bed designed by Draga & Aurel, which draws attention for its laminated wood structure. Upholstered and covered in openwork leather, both the edge of the headboard and the interior decoration can be customized. Meanwhile, the Trevor bed has a magnificent boiserie and leather headboard, with a precious beech wood frame.

In the extensive Baxter catalog, we find that the firm concentrates its furniture within 8 categories:
-Coffee, support and auxiliary table
-Large dining tables
-Furniture such as dressers, bookshelves, bookcases, and other designer home furnishings
-Armchairs, and

Baxter has been ISO 14001 certified since 2005, and green sustainability remains one of its core principles.

Baxter leather is a living product that must be treated delicately and improves over time, becoming the witness of the lives of those who wear it. Each piece undergoes a specific adaptation process, allowing the finished product to be highly personalized. Thus, each product has its own story, which begins with a leather and ends with a design.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Baxter distributor.