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Frette: luxury bed and bath linens

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Frette is a luxury brand of 100% cotton bed and bath linen. The quality of cotton in Frette textiles depends on the length of the fiber: longer fibers make a more uniform, resistant and smoother yarn.

The thread count measures threads per square inch and produces various texture and breathability results. The higher the thread count, the lower the airflow; thus, sateens sleep warmer than calicoes.

The Frette finish: The hand, or silkiness, of a fabric is not the result of thread count, but rather the finishing process: a treatment of the fabric to increase durability or shine.

Frette fabrics go through a proprietary finishing process to create a super smooth and shiny finish like no other.

Frette is also the official bed and bath linens brand of Forbes Travel Guide, the global authority on luxury travel. Serving as an exemplary brand for rated hotels, restaurants, and spas throughout the broader industry.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Frette distributor.