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Giorgetti: designer home furnishings

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Giorgetti, is a designer furniture firm founded in Meda, Brianza, in 1898. The company has always distinguished itself in the furniture design scene, not only for the high quality of its raw materials, but also for its tradition and manual skill, that have not been lost with time, but have been updated and are open to new requirements and technology that it also encompasses.

This firm designs and manufactures beds and nightstands, chairs, home accessories, outdoor seats, sofas, armchairs, cabinets and dressers, tables and desks. It has functional, contemporary pieces with an unmistakable style, integrating the highest craftsmanship and carpentry tradition with the use of the most modern product technologies.

The Giorgetti style is characterized by its exclusivity and atypical uniqueness. It manufactures products that maintain their own distinctive characteristics. Therefore, any apparent irregularities, such as differences in color, structure, size and the materials from which it is made, should not be considered as a defect, but as peculiarities that make the product unique and special.

The firm’s designers create “timeless” objects that never go out of style. Every year new unique pieces are presented and are immediately recognizable: each piece contributes to defining a space, becoming part of a complex, harmonious and extraordinary whole.

During manufacturing, raw materials undergo extensive quality and performance testing at every step. The finished product undergoes a precise performance test and an equally extensive comparison test is carried out against its original design.

Giorgetti Evolution

Giorgetti’s unique and immediately identifiable style is recognized internationally. In recent years, the firm has designed products that are specially adapted to executive offices, exclusive solutions and contract projects

2016: The first kitchen designed by Giorgetti, the GK.01, and Giorgetti Atmosphere, the first collection of furnishing accessories, were presented at the Salone del Mobile, Milan

2017: The first outdoor collection designed by Giorgetti, Open-air, was presented at the IMM Cologne fair. The Apsara collection receives the title of “Choice of the Year” from the Edida Awards (Elle Deco International Design Awards), selected by Elle Decoration Russia and the title of “Best Outdoor” selected by Elle Decoration China.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Giorgetti.