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Hering Berlin: handcrafted designer porcelain

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Hering Berlin is a German firm specialized in handcrafted porcelain designer products. They are specialists in household and decoration products.

Since 1992, Hering Berlin has stood out more than any other brand for high-quality handcrafted porcelain with a clear design language and innovative decorations that reveal the essence of this unique material.

This designer firm handcrafts ceramic tableware, vases, and sets for coffee and tea. It also offers, within its collections, porcelain decoration accessories. And it has special collections of glassware for the table.

Stefanie Hering “Domain” crystal collection

This is a series of wine glasses designed by Stefanie Hering, in collaboration with Theresienthal glassware. This collection is made with traditional glass: the Romer, with its typical fluted power. The shape of Romer glasses dates back to the 16th century; ever since, it has been regarded as a symbol of real and unadulterated enjoyment. Stefanie Hering lengthened and refined this traditional shape and gave the stem and glass a special shade of gray developed with Theresienthal. Glasses for Bordeaux, Riesling, Chianti, Chardonnay and Burgundy are available, as well as two different designs for sparkling wine and champagne. What they have in common is an upward conical shape that holds the aromatic molecules of the wine in the glass particularly well. Apart from that, the glasses are precisely tailored to the needs of the respective wines. For the designer of the most luxurious tableware, this task was challenging and attractive: creating the perfect setting for wine made with great craftsmanship, using double-blown double-glazed glasses, also handcrafted.

Collaboration with Gaggenau

In September 2019, the porcelain firm organized a joint demonstration with Gaggenau at the Salone Nautico, the largest luxury yacht trade fair in the Mediterranean. Modern handcrafted porcelain collections formed the backdrop for culinary creations served in show cooking sessions and a dinner by Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti.

Gaggenau’s new cookbook published by renowned cookbook publisher Tre Torri in early October 2019 also impressively documents the synergy in this collaboration: both brands represent meticulous production processes, internationally recognized design, and a combination of highly sophisticated experience and enjoyment. The two brands have a lot in common: not only do they enjoy an international reputation, but they are also appreciated by connoisseurs of cuisine and design enthusiasts.

Product founder and designer Stefanie Hering, herself a trained master ceramicist, constantly explores the limits of feasibility in her designs. The designs may seem simple, but they require technically complex processes to implement; this is why she personally selects and trains all the artisans involved in the production of Hering Berlin porcelain, often for years. Only in this way is it possible to create dining collections, art and interior design objects and table glassware, as well as a series of crystal chandeliers, which meet the highest standards in terms of design and usability, and at the same time unmistakably crafted entirely from hand.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Hering Berlin.