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Meridiani: Italian designer home furniture

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Meridiani is an Italian designer furniture firm for the home. Founded in 1996, it stands out for its ability to create contemporary yet versatile collections.

Within the wide catalog of Meridiani home furniture we can find chairs, tables, sofas, sofa beds, tables, beds, dressers, libraries, armchairs, benches, consoles, complements and accessories, cabinets, lamps, side tables and outdoor furniture.

Craftsmanship, technical knowledge and deep knowledge of materials characterize Meridiani products, capable of giving life to an integral lifestyle: from the living room to the dining room, but also the conversation corners, the bedroom and the home office to outdoor products.

The brand, coordinated by the designer and art director Andrea Parisio, proposes a wide selection of refined textiles and leathers in more than five hundred variations, in addition to a wide range of finishes, including precious marbles, metals, mirrors, matt lacquers and brilliants and essences.

Meridiani Collections:

Live: Sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, coffee tables, wardrobe furniture and accessories characterized by neat signs, precise proportions, essential volumes and precious details. A timeless, sophisticated, contemporary collection without compromise with time trends in which comfort, not only tactile but also visual, is always a priority.

Eat: Dining tables, chairs, benches and all the necessary furniture for meeting spaces and moments around food

Sleep: A wide collection of beds: minimal or maxi headboards with smooth or padded finishes, bases with different heights and mattress supports that allow complete adaptability to the body’s anatomy. Nightstands, dressers, desks and accessories suggest an intimate and sophisticated bedroom characterized by its own identity.

Sofa beds: with three types of design, Fox, Law and Scott.

Open Air: products suitable for the outdoors, with shapes and proportions coordinated with the refined corporate lifestyle, timeless collections that are easily placed outdoors. Concrete, nautical-inspired rope, aluminum and iroko are some of the materials for outdoor furniture, a total look capable of guaranteeing both beauty and functionality.

Editions: Furniture distinguished by its workmanship and artisan finishes, impeccable in every detail. The best materials, precious fabrics, exquisite stitching and backstitching; ancient manufacturing techniques combined with an industrial approach suggest a know-how that rediscovers the past while at the same time being extremely contemporary.

Meridiani has a wide international distribution with flagship stores and retailers in more than fifty countries around the world.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Meridiani distributor.