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Emmemobili: designer furniture for your home

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Emmemobili, luxury furniture for your home


Emmemobili is a luxury Italian furniture firm, known worldwide for its numerous and exclusive designs, which are increasingly sought after by industry experts, to make any environment a more elegant room.

The luxury and high quality of its materials are a necessary requirement in its productions. That is why they use special care in their manufacturing process, trying to bring all their products to perfection, complying with their reliability, durability and resistance.


Luxury and quality for your home


Its philosophy is clearly marked by quality and sustainability. Without neglecting the high value of its pieces, as well as their functional and aesthetic appearance, this firm chooses to choose ecological materials, which come from responsible and safe sources, using natural woods, glass, metals, textiles, leather and natural stones.

But wood is its main source of production, being a key and necessary element in each of its creations, thanks to the fact that it can be molded, since it is flexible, malleable and sensual, which allows creating a unique and impressive range of products. personality, that bring harmony and beauty to any decoration of living room, dining room, bedroom and even offices.

Its collections, made by the best teachers and designers in the world of interior design, harmonize with any style and trend, due to their timelessness and their artisan value, offering a wide variety of furniture, decorative objects and lighting.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is an official distributor of Emmemobili.