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Hisbalit: designer glass mosaics

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Hisbalit, designer glass mosaics


Hisbalit is a Cantabrian company with more than 55 years of experience in the sector, which has specialized in the manufacture of high quality ecological glass mosaics. Its hallmark is that it offers the option of customizing any design.

Its raw material is eco-friendly and stands out for the wide variety of references, finishes, textures, formats and ranges of colors that it has in its collections. They have an exclusive customization service called ART FACTORY that helps the customer to even change the colors of a specific model or create an original motif or design.

Custom design tiles


Mosaics have been linked for years to water areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools or spas, but this type of material is used with other much more original and multi-purpose decorative functions. From geometric designs for floors, to figures or specific shapes in the decoration of walls, bars or hotel counters, furniture and walls among others. A world of possibilities at the service of individuals and professionals in the world of design.

Their spaces are well known at international events such as CASADECOR, in which they create spaces designed by architects and interior designers on the national scene.