Gunni&Trentino MaderaPeq

Our wood floors are of outstanding quality, durability and beauty. This is reflected in the woods themselves and in their treatment, textures and finishes. Prepared for safe installation ensuring quality, stability and permanence. Our woods have all the certifications that guarantee both their origin and their quality with maximum respect for the environment throughout the product processing cycle.

  • GUNNI&TRENTINO Wood’s floors reduce noise by 18% thanks to their natural and technical composition.
  • Our flooring resists scratches. A special treatment significantly reduces this risk by protecting wood, color and texture.
  • All our collections have a shear strength of at least 59 USVR
  • All our wood floors are compatible with underfloor heating. They are also suitable for underfloor cooling.
  • The high static breaking strength makes GUNNI&TRENTINO floorings suitable for residential spaces, offices, restaurants, waiting areas, museums…
  • Fire resistance is an important security requirement for any type of material in your project. Therefore, all our floors fulfill the standard Cfl-s1.