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Arper: chairs, tables and accessories for contract projects.

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Arper is an Italian company that creates chairs, tables and decoration accessories for offices and homes.

Arper was created in 1989 as the evolution of the leather tanning craft activity to which the Feltrin family dedicated itself to in the eighties and stood out at all times for its marked focus on innovation – product and process – and towards internationalization.

At the end of the 1990s, Arper abandoned the production of leather chairs designed for the residential sector to switch to the contract sector. It began to carve out a niche as a B2B company with an aesthetic-oriented design but without technological exasperations.

Arper international collaborations

He began his collaboration with international designers which has led to the definition of an Arper identity: one that draws on suggestions from all over the world, which are then reworked into an original synthesis.

Arper is present in 90 countries through a branched network of distributors and agents. The medium to long-term objectives are to promote a more direct relationship with employees from a global and personalized service point of view, and to develop an expansion strategy that values the local framework.

Currently, Arper is mainly committed to the contract sector (80% of its turnover), covering different jobs and market segments. This brand, which defines design as a method of action and communication, is expressed by paying special attention to color, the flexibility of systems and the constant dialogue between form and function.