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Henge: Italian designer furniture

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Henge is an Italian luxury brand that manufactures designer furniture for the home. It creates diversified, visionary pieces of the domestic landscape.

Within the Henge designer furniture range for the home, we can find tables, chairs, sofas, dressers and bookcases, armchairs, lamps, home accessories, beds and auxiliary tables.

The raw material used to manufacture these products is brass burnished employing traditional methods using iron, heat-treated eucalyptus wood, shiny and velvety finishes, hand-finished with natural oils, completely free of chemicals and solvents; sought after, unusual and precious stones that are worked to emphasize their authenticity, natural leathers and nabuck, all echoes of Henge’s mastery.

These are all handcrafted pieces, where the skill of man occupies an important place and ensures that the pieces are essentially personalized to the extent that each article is a work of thought and assembly for each specific project and individual client. An approach that goes totally against industrial manufacturing, which is a slave to its own production cycles.

Henge designer lamps

Henge lamps are more than lighting products, for any interior design professional they are pieces of art.
The particular and sought-after shapes of the firm’s lamps create unusual plays of light that transform any space, becoming the protagonists of decoration projects.
Henge shows that in a domestic environment, the way the light illuminates the room is as important as other decorative objects: each item must have a precise function and a design that reflects the soul of those who spend their days here.
A lighting system like those manufactured by Henge is for environments where a person can reconnect with the deepest emotions.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Henge dealer.