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Samuel Heath: Designer taps for luxury bathrooms

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Samuel Heath, is a British firm that has almost two centuries manufacturing bathroom accessories and art faucets for classic, modern, elegant and stylish bathrooms.

Maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship in the production of each accessory from this firm with the help of modern processes have helped the firm fulfill its commitment to manufacture products that have a beautiful appearance and technically superior functionality.

Every part that leaves this factory is meticulously fashioned from the purest solid brass that is then hand-polished to create a flawless finish before undergoing a high-quality electroplating process. Attention to detail dictates that each product is assembled, checked and packaged by trained people and complies with environmental responsibility.

Each component is individually designed and developed by a team of designers. Scale and proportion, functional efficiency, and choice of materials are complemented by photorealistic imagination and the latest in rapid prototyping technology. The impressive performance of a shower or faucet and the satisfying proportions of a door fitting or accessory must be daily delights. Samuel Heath’s design team is dedicated to achieving this goal.