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Zanotta: Furniture for the designer home

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Founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta, the company initially focused on the production of sofas and armchairs, going beyond the artisan tradition of upholstery workshops, which would normally refer to the production of upholstered furniture, and directing attention towards a “culture” design.

Zanotta has a strong component of the “handmade”, often recovering disused techniques, such as inlaid or painted decoration, or even other new and experimental varieties.

One hundred and twenty-seven designers have left exemplary projects in the Zanotta catalog. The firm has a collection characterized by great heterogeneity, today articulated in more than 200 products, among which are armchairs, sofas, beds, chairs, tables, furniture accessories, tables, other furniture, outdoor products, as well as numbered and limited editions.

Its products are made from different materials such as wood, steel, aluminum and other metals, marble and granite, as well as various plastic materials. Objects covered in dozens of types of fabrics, available in a wide range of colors and in various types of leathers, all to offer an effective response to customer needs and market demands.

The great variety of languages ​​present in the Zanotta catalog has allowed the products to be integrated with agility, culture and taste in the best examples of contemporary interior design, from the houses designed by great architects to hotels, restaurants, museums and the most representative offices.

Fifty-one award-winning products, 8 international recognitions, 3 Compassi d’Oro awards, 297 products in the permanent collections of 47 museums around the world. Thanks to the introduction of formal, typological and technological innovations, many Zanotta products are today true icons recognized in the history of design, cited in books and exhibited in the most important museums of decorative arts: objects such as Sacco, Mezzadro, Sciangai, Quaderna, Tonietta, Leonardo and many others, all the best and best sellers throughout the decades, still current and ingenious today.

Gunni & Trentino is the official distributor of Zanotta furniture.