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Baccarat: Household items, glassware and interior lighting

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Baccarat is the quintessential French crystal brand. Its history dates back to the 18th century. Suspension lamps, lusters, chandeliers, wall sconces, vases and glassware for the table, a whole universe of products in the purest glass made by elite artisans who treasure a centuries-old tradition.

Baccarat is characterized by constant technical innovation, stylistic audacity and creativity. Designers such as George Chevalier, Ettorre Sottsass, Van Day Truex, Elie Top, Andrée Putman, Philippe Starck, Arik Levy, Jaime Hayón or Marcel Wanders, have renewed and renewed the brand with their particular interpretation of the world of Baccarat glass. From Studio Baccarat the firm conceives its projects for hotels, restaurants and other unique spaces.

Baccarat’s history is an important part of the crystal’s own history. It begins when King Louis XV of France granted the Bishop of Metz, Louis-Joseph de Laval-Montmorency, 1764, permission to found a glass workshop in the town of Baccarat, in the province of Lorraine. The first products consisted mainly of mirrors, cups and window glass until the first glass oven was installed in 1816. At this time, the company employed more than three thousand people. Since then Baccarat has undergone exemplary evolution, admirably adapting to changing markets in each period, overcoming historical vicissitudes and creating a permanent school.

Currently its collections focus on kitchenware, fine glassware and interior lighting.