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Bocci: designer artisan lighting

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Bocci, designer lamps for your spaces


Bocci is a well-known Canadian firm in the design lighting industry. In its own production, its high craftsmanship is especially important, where traditional techniques such as glass blowing are used.


Designer lighting craft products


Among its products, we find authentic illuminated works of art, which have an elegant and original design, which are substantiated in authentic sculptures. Its collections include unique pieces in shape and design, with custom-made lighting systems.

The company has achieved its success with the launch of the 14 lamp, which has become a classic and remains a “best seller” to this day. It also stands out for the wide variety of products it offers, from small table lamps, to chandeliers and even outdoor lamps.


All kinds of design lamps for your spaces


After the development and distribution of their products, we find a large community of designers, architects, craftsmen, technical agents and suppliers of raw materials, who come together with the aim of creating extraordinary, practical and high-quality elements.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is Bocci’s official distributor.