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Exteta: outdoor designer decoration

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Exteta, luxury decorative pieces


Exteta is a firm specialized in the decoration of outdoor spaces, offering products and solutions for terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces.

In his designs, we find a search for excellence; a selection of the best materials characterized by their quality, their color, their authenticity and their resistance; unique aesthetic qualities; and a craftsmanship that allows you to customize and take care of every detail of the product.

All this allows us to create refined and original environments, with compositions of sofas, chairs, sun loungers, kitchens, tables and other outdoor decoration accessories, designed to successfully meet the needs of people, thus creating relaxing outdoor environments. that allow us to disconnect and enjoy the comfort of these spaces.

Designer decoration for your outdoor spaces


For the elaboration of each piece, the combination of the different materials and shapes is studied, which make the environment a unique and at the same time elegant place, thanks to the use of natural materials such as solid wood, and others such as leather, different textiles , brass and stone.

The high demand for these products is due to the collaboration of this firm with designers of great international prestige, among which Gae Aulenti, Paolo Bonazzi, Ludovica, Roberto Palomba and Massimo Castagna stand out, who conceived the 10th collection.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is an official dealer of Exteta.