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Fiora: Luxury products for your bathroom

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Fiora, designer furniture for your bathroom


Fiora, is a leading Spanish firm in shower trays, which has been revolutionizing the bathroom world for more than 30 years. For this they have managed to masterfully combine craftsmanship, design, technology and quality materials.

Each of its collections is created with the most avant-garde techniques without forgetting the importance of the human and creative part of the process. In their collections they develop a new range of colors and delicate textures, which provide exclusivity and make a difference in their products.

Avant-garde washbasins and consoles


They expand their offer with furniture, consoles and sinks to combine with the textures and finishes of their shower trays, all focused on achieving a global and coordinated concept of the bathroom space.

They are pioneers in the manufacture of shower trays from Silexpol®, a sustainable material whose main component is polyurethane resin, which stands out for its quality, resistance to bending and impact, as well as for its great durability and elasticity. It is a product of great hardness resistant to breakage, but 20% lighter than others made with similar components.

Another of its peculiarities is that it is a non-slip, clean and hygienic material. Being a matte surface, it increases the non-slip capacity and does not slip.

Design shower trays


Aesthetically it has a flawless finish, with the edges finished in the same color and texture as the plate.

Thanks to Nanobath® technology, patented by Fiora, these dishes have unique hygienic qualities, with easy-to-clean and decontaminated surfaces.

If you are looking for a designer shower tray, manufactured following all registered processes of maximum sustainability, resistant, hygienic and non-slip, Fiora will meet all these requirements.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is the official distributor of FIORA bathroom products.