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Franke: Smart designer kitchens

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Franke, smart kitchen specialists


Franke Kitchen’s designer kitchens are for hobby cooks as well as professionals. Its innovative, high-quality kitchen system puts people first and adapts to the circumstances of any home.


At Franke they stand out for pursuing the dream that your kitchen is perfect, from the sink to the faucet and the oven, and from morning to night, every day. That is why they offer a wide variety of finishes and extras to satisfy any culinary need.


Smart designer kitchens


The professionals of the brand approach the design of their kitchen systems to ensure that their solutions provide the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality, resulting in a designer but functional and intelligent kitchen.


During their more than 100 years of experience, they have tirelessly innovated their kitchen products and services, allowing them to design and create kitchen solutions and products that are tested day after day in more than 100 million homes around the world. .