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Ivano Redaelli: designer decoration for your home

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Ivano Redaelli, designer decoration for your home


Ivano Redaelli is a luxury brand that is created and surrounded by luxurious and exclusive vibes, precious cashmere, linen, percale cotton, satin, silk and tweeds. Soft, enveloping, cocooning fabrics with tailored seams and finishes create a universal and timeless language.


All this creates intimate and captivating environments that add individualism and uniqueness to each space. His pieces bring with them a sophisticated and international air, managing to be a spokesperson for the decoration, and thus achieving a clientele with an elegant and exclusive taste.


Luxury decoration pieces


The prestigious collections are presented in an enchanting and highly attractive setting, where attention to detail and the perfect combination of colors and materials give the idea of timeless luxury.


GUNNI & TRENTINO is official distributor of Ivano Redaelli.