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Kristalia: high-end designer furniture

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Kristalia, luxury furniture


Founded in 1994 by a group of young jazz fans, they decided to reproduce this type of music through design, creating pieces with a unique rhythm and meaning: “A chair is a chair, but a designer chair plays a different kind of music.” .

A step towards minimalism, leaving only the essentials, is what shapes Kristalia’s set of seats, tables, chairs, armchairs and designer accessories, reflecting in them the versatile, contemporary, useful and open character that characterizes this company .

Iconic design pieces


Several of his pieces, which have become true icons of interior design, deserve to be mentioned, such as the Sushi table by Bartoli Design, the BCN stool designed by Harry & Camila or the mythical Elephant chair. In addition, they offer us furniture for both interior and exterior.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is an official Kristalia distributor.