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Limited Edition: designer rugs and tapestries

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Limited Edition, luxury rugs for your spaces


Limited Edition is a firm of Belgian origin, dedicated to the manufacture and elaboration of luxurious and contemporary style rugs.

The combination of its artisanal production with the personality of its designs, allow the creation of exclusive design rugs with a vivid and remarkable color, hand-woven, where every detail takes on special relevance.

Tapestries of extraordinary quality


For the creation of this type of tapestry, it is chosen to use high quality materials, among which the use of wool, linen, cotton stands out, treating other less frequent ones such as leather and fur.

Its commitment to creativity and the incorporation of new design patterns, make this firm have a great international prestige, being more and more common its presence in numerous decoration projects.

Creative luxury rugs


Some well-known names such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Laetitia Halliday and Michael Schumacher claim to have a rug from this excellent house, also being the first choice of many experts in the sector.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is an official distributor of Limited Edition.